Updating entire tables using update query

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Drag these additional fields to the query grid and specify criteria for them.

As long as you leave the Update To row blank for these columns, they will be used for their criteria only and will not be updated.

You can update more than one field at a time in an update query.

Within the script, PHP function My SQL_query() execute the SQL command.

The update query below shows that the PICTURE column is updated by looking up the same ID value in CATEGORY_ID column in table Categories_Test and Categories. If you need to update multiple columns simultaneously, use comma to separate each column after the SET keyword. Here we only want to update PICTURE column in Categories_Test table where the data in Category_Name column is Seafood in table Categories. Software and hardware names mentioned on this site are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Should any right be infringed, it is totally unintentional.

You’ve imported a table that contains updated prices for some of the records in a table in your database.

The data in all the other fields in the existing table is still correct.

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