Star and dallas dating

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’ ” While their off-camera life may not involve impromptu trips to Thailand or Chris Harrison’s watchful eye, their romance is stronger than ever.

“It’s the same situation that it’s been, but it’s not something that we – it’s not the focus for us right now, it’s about is.” Rodgers added: “Anything with my family, Jo Jo’s been a part of my family, and any conversations we have about that moving forward are with us and about us, and we’re excited about starting that journey with our families.” When Harrison suggested that Aaron might be able to attend the wedding, Jordan responded: “We have to pick a date first.” WATCH: 4.There have been many nights where I’ve cried myself to sleep, and he’s been the person on the phone with me just trying to keep me okay, and I feel like it’s been really hard for him. We can’t show our love, we can’t show our relationship, so that’s been tough.” Despite the struggles, considering a breakup “never happened,” Fletcher said. They make fun fun of each other like an old married couple.On their drive down to Dallas to move into their new home, Rodgers documented Jojo’s impressively long nap on his Snapchat.I’ve never once doubted my decision.” Im gonna take a moment, be corny, and brag about bae for a second.No one knows how hard he works, his dedication and drive, and his ability to balance all that life throws at him & still be the very best fiancé.

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