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Six feet three with long, blond-tipped dreads, top-notch cheekbones and the sleepy swagger of the high school athlete he once was, he looks less like an actual rapper than a movie star cast as one.Even leaked mug shots from his pre-fame hustling days look like outtakes from magazine shoots.When he sings, Future has a tendency toward melancholy, and the strongest of tonight's hooks combines triumphant lyrics with a hint of actual blues: "I got it way gone, gone, gone," he sings over a martial Metro Boomin beat, with a soulful half-tone bend on the last "gone." "We gon' get whatever we want." In the verse, he raps, "Feel like I ain't done enough/Make you feel my pain/I ain't done yet."He later learns that the hard drive holding all four tracks, the whole night's work, was somehow corrupted, and the songs may be lost forever.He shrugs it off: There's more where those came from, and he has more pressing things to worry about.uture met Ciara right outside these studio doors, where she was also recording one day (veteran pop and R&B producer Tricky Stewart owns the studio).It's a Tuesday night, so it's relatively quiet – late on a weekend, it can be hard to find a place to stand.The vocal booth is even more dimly lit than the control room, almost pitch-black.Until he gets on the mic, he can be silent for 45 minutes at a time.

This control room and its adjoining vocal booth, in a gated studio complex on an industrial road a couple of miles from downtown, is the workplace of choice for Atlanta's reigning hip-hop king, Future.

He considers himself a rock star, and he's dressed like one: pale jeans, strategically shredded, with a plaid shirt tied at his waist and a crisp white tee.

(The following day, he wears a 5 T-shirt by the high-end brand Enfants Riches Déprimés, emblazoned with the words "high risk/children without a conscience.")Tonight, Future will write and record four songs from start to finish.

"He was with an R&B chick, you know what I'm saying? "Ciara, she didn't even really like when people cursed." She became unpopular among some of Future's friends. The couple got engaged in October 2013; soon afterward, Ciara announced she was pregnant.

By the middle of the next year, the relationship imploded amid widespread rumors that Future had cheated.

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