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In the series premiere, Breanna's jealousy of Flex's date causes her to act out, straining their relationship.When Breanna finds out that her friends are going to a club for ages (14-18) and figures her father won't mind, she decides to follow them to the club.“I have just arrived in Barcelona; sorry for the delay.In response to the responses and comments made after my interview with Nore, I am taking this time to clarify some of my statements to those that seem to be confused about my remarks regarding the controversy surrounding Afrika Bambaataa,” KRS-One. Fortunately, anyone can go to the audio and/or video recording of my entire interview with Nore and see for themselves just how irresponsible such headlines are.But continuous slander and disrespect are not healing anyone or even correcting the situation.Disrespect and slander is NEVER an indicator that true justice is being sought.Breanna is accustomed to no rules and all fun when she visits her dad for two weeks a year.But when the demands of her mother's new job make it necessary for Breanna to move in with her father for the foreseeable future, Flex must adjust to raising a teenager on a day-to-day basis.

But, as you can see, irresponsible headlines like ‘KRS-One Doesn’t Care If Afrika Bambaataa Molested Kids’, and trying to turn a funny song I did years ago into some kind of question regarding my character is precisely the type of sensationalist gossip which I really don’t give a fuck about!And by the way, Nore and I did discuss other issues pertaining to song-writing and my present battle with M. Shan, to police misconduct and creating a Hip Hop currency, but for some reason the controversies surrounding Afrika Bambaataa is what our entire conversation has been reduced to with deliberately disrespectful statements like ‘KRS-One Doesn’t Care If Afrika Bambaataa Molested Kids’ as the main focus of our interview. “Serious students and apprentice of our culture can review paragraphs 20 through 29 of the Eleventh Overstanding of the Gospel of Hip Hop pages 470 and 471 for further insight on this matter,” he says. This whole thing is childish and immature, and this is precisely why our community remains in the powerless state we find ourselves within today. “During Hip Hop Appreciation Week (May 16th—22nd 2016), I will also be releasing a special instructional video entitled ‘An Introduction To Hip Hop’ for those interested in upgrading their teaching of Hip Hop; go to for viewing. Look, if somebody was harmed or whatever, y’all gotta deal with that shit. While Breanna is eager to attend a funky public school for the performing arts, Flex prefers that she enroll in a posh private academy.But once he hears her excruciatingly bad singing voice, he agrees to let her audition for the performing arts school.

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