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First impressions, then, can lead others to conclude that we're great (as in the positive halo effect) or boorish (as in the assumed similarity bias).How can we use this knowledge to create a more favorable impact on the people we meet?You could be in for a miserable evening if you decide to meet up with her.First impressions can also be influenced by the second phenomenon, known as "assumed similarity bias." The term is pretty self-explanatory." For all you know, however, this individual isn't bothered at all and may even like having a few minutes to stand and reflect peacefully about life's meaning.Just because you're both in the same situation doesn't mean that you share personality quirks.Of course, managing what you say plays a crucial role as well.However, you also need to know how to work against the halo effect and assumed similarity bias to ensure that you present yourself in the best light possible.

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In some cases, it's vitally important that you make that snap decision as quickly as possible.

How does your brain translate the complex sensory information you receive about people (height, weight, age, gender, facial expression) into a decision to ask person A vs. Most interactions involving strangers don't have this life-or-death set of demands, yet we seem programmed to make snap decisions anyhow.

Research on impression management shows that even in casual social settings, the early conclusions we reach about other people tend to be the most persistent.

Let's say you're in a crowded place, carrying a heavy package which is about to slide out of your hands.

Who will provide you with a friendly assist or instead, grab the package and run with it?

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