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The game soundtrack, presented on this CD, embodies the project's concept in sound.

Imbued with an industrial atmosphere, leisurely soundscapes turn into states of calm estrangement and isolationism.

This musical picture is performed in the trademark style of Anthesteria combining abstract dark ambient, melodic neoclassics and experimental sonic artifacts...

The release is packed in a DVD-size double cardboard sleeve with full-colour cards depicting game locations and fragments of a book about mental suggestions from 1962. This is already the second collaboration album of Bardoseneticcube from Russia and Shinkiro from Japan, this time under their own names.

After this the project's leader George Beloglazov founded his own multimedia studio Phantomery Interactive and focused his attention on creating computer games with an unconventional author approach...

After releasing the appreciated game "Sublustrum" ("Outcry") filled with the spirit of decadence, steampunk and sombre surrealism, spring 2010 saw the release of a new psychological quest - "Phobos 1953".

The artwork is done by the famous visual artist and media philosopher Oleg 'cmart' Paschenko ( who has rethought the classical Anthesteria logo specially for this project. The name of Anthesteria is already well-known to the connoisseurs of Russian post-industrial music.

This project has released two solo CDs, a collaboration work with Stalnoy Pakt, and a number of tracks on various compilations.

Rays of the frozen sun in "First Winter Day" find a direct way to the eyes of the listener who is enjoying the laughter of happy people in "We Are So Inspired That We Glow" and feeling the fresh breeze from the Gulf of Finland…

Excursions into the unknown corners of the consciousness bring to its surface old memories and long forgotten yet vaguely familiar images...

and laboratorial claustrophobia grows into light melancholia.

2" CD-R Mariani Wine "Methamphetamine" CD Midal E Garda "Comprehending The Clearness (Postizhenie Yasnosti)" CD Moloch "Meine Alte Melancholie" CD Mortart "Live in Saint Petersburg" CD Norma Reaktsii & Dadhikra "Spawn of Life" CD Notchnoi Prospekt "Polyurythane" CD ORD "Sacra Mental Hypno Drone: Rituals & Revelations" CD Order Of Victory "Lost December" CD People On The Hill (Lyudi Na Holme) "Nordavind" CD Poterna "Fate" CD Prognostic Zero "s/t" CD-R Sacris Tandem "Dethronement" CD-R Sad Parade "Tapes Analogue 1992-1994" CD Six Dead Bulgarians "Future Bygone" CD Siyanie "Homo Multidimensional" CD Siyanie "Shining Of Unity" CD Small Things On Sundays "Fare Forward" CD Sol Mortuus "Ur-Ala" CD Star Turbine "Nothing Should Move Unless You Want It To" CD Stuzha "Siberian Sketches" CD Sudaria "Lucid Nightmares" CD Winterblood "Culti Segreti" CD Winterblood "La Via di Neve" CD Winterblood "Passaggio Soprannaturale" 3"CD-R Zinc Room "Ash" CD Zinc Room "Shifting Soil" CD Zinc Room "In Wooden Room" CD Zinc Room "Window of Erich Zann" CD-R Zinc Room / Sol Mortuus "House ot the Edge of Cemetary / Black in the Green Wreath" CD-R Zoloft Evra "Murder Chamber" CD Various Artists "Balanced" CD Various Artists "The Black Square" CD Various Artists "Museum" CD-R Various Artists "Oredezh" CD Various Artists "Red Square" CD Various Artists "Rush for Black Celebration: Russian Industrial Depeche Mode Tribute" CD Various Artists "Thalamus II" CD Various Artists "Thalamus III" 2 CD-R Various Artists "Thalamus IV" CD Anthesteria "Eis" is the third CD in the "Znaki" series tracing the "parallel life" of Zhelezobeton and kult FRONT label residents.

This collection of Anthesteria works includes compositions created in 2003-2010.

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